Every year, SPLAT collaborates with local artists to help with branding and merchandise design. In 2017, Daniel Choe provided an entirely new SPLAT logo. For the 2018 SPLAT season we are lucky to have Natalie Quach, as our featured poster and merchandise designer. We can't be more grateful for their efforts in making SPLAT all the more successful.

Daniel Choe
Natalie Bio.jpg

Natalie Quach

Daniel Choe is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in art direction, illustration, product marketing and design. Based in Sacramento, CA and available for projects worldwide. Daniel's works often juxtapose precision with spontaneity, gritty uncensored rawness with class and elegance, and focuses on abstract surreal themes grounded through emotional hyper realism. His contemporary aesthetic lends itself well to a variety of mediums and genres.


Natalie Quach is a visual designer, illustrator, loving cat mom, and photographer. Her aesthetic is heavily influenced by nature and vintage illustrations. On the weekends, you can find her slinging ‘spro at Temple Coffee, baking up a mess in her kitchen, or feeding her houseplant plant addiction.