This page will be updated after each individual event takes place. To see how SPLAT's scoring system is implemented, go to our "Rules" page. For SPLAT's overall standings, click here.

Temple Coffee (June 26)

First place: Steve Cuevas (Black Oak Coffee Roasters)

Second place: Maddy Farmer (Temple Coffee Roasters)

Third place: Ed Andrusyak ( Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters)

Pachamama Coffee (August 30)

First place: Mehdi (Coffee Bar SF)

Second place: Enzo (Heart and Soul Coffee)

Third place: David (Pour Choice)

Camellia Coffee Roasters (September 27)

First place: Sam (Scorpio Coffee)

Second place: Len (Pachamama)

Third place: Mike (Mast Coffee Co.)

Grand Finale @ Old Soul (October 13)

First Place: 

Second Place: 

Third Place: 


From left to right: Sam (first place), Len (second place), and Mike (third place)

Photo courtesy of Kelly Hill